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Chongqing documentary revenue in the United States as a record Dazu grottoes shock crew

Date: 2015-10-20

On October 11, the chongqing morning post reported by the American broadcasting company (ABC) in chongqing's documentary "rivers, mountain city - chongqing beautiful" began circulating in the United States. The documentary response? Yesterday, the reporter in touch with documentary filmmaker, the sino-american friendship association executive vice President li li.
Li li, after the program starts, every record the highest ratings ABC Saturday evening entertainment! Many local friends told her, have never thought in addition to Beijing, China on overseas, there is such a fashion, chongqing beautiful city.
Production director took the emmy awards
When it comes to the cause of the shooting, lili, there are two aspects: "a, this year is the seventy anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the world anti-fascist war, chongqing as the main Asian battlefield command center, special meaningful; at the same time, in recent years, chongqing has been developing rapidly in domestic and international status, is very necessary to let the public know chongqing. Chairman xi in late September to visit the United States, in particular, should let the world focus on China at the moment, focusing in chongqing."
Speaking of documentary photography team, li li, the squad is strong. "In June this year, by the sino-american friendship association jin-ping zhang led, led the ABC television crew nearly 10 people in the United States, in chongqing for a week." Li li, said the team production director Cindy the senior production director, a former ABC channel's life, also won an emmy (the highest prize in American television). Crew members are mostly in the national geographic channel, discovery channel, tourism work life in the channel, participated in the "animal planet", "WE" and many other well-known program production and broadcast.
Dazu grottoes shock crew
Chongqing's prosperous and fashion shooting team was taken aback. Li said: "a lot of people is the first time I heard of chongqing, because of its label" mountain city ", make a few photographers that chongqing is in the southwest of a city and surrounded the block."
A week of shooting down, li said, all americans are impressed in chongqing. "Oh my god, the original chongqing is such an international city, traffic, city planning and food, can be comparable with the San Francisco." Leave this amazing shooting team.
Surrounding the shooting team of chongqing was impressed by the natural landscape and the non-material cultural heritage. "For example, UNESCO Chinese grotto temple art one of the most preserved world heritage in dazu grottoes. Production team when they see the bright colour and lustre and virtuosity, like a child, crying." Li said.
ABC highest ratings record
Li said that since the documentary aired, exceptionally good response, from the United States citizen or Chinese students, a new understanding of chongqing. More happily, beautiful rivers, mountain city - chongqing, also the highest ABC Saturday evening entertainment ratings record.
On the first day of program starts on September 26th, carefully watching a documentary of the Pacific Asia travel association's New York chapter director simone the element wire couldn't help clapped his hands: "the documentary shows the soul of this ancient yet highly modern a city...... I could smell the hot pot the tempting smell... lens through between the reality and history, let people to a new understanding of the modern city in China."
To be such a documentary, li said the team is proud and happy: "especially in the acquisition, chairman of the timing of the visit to the United States, see the American mainstream television documentaries and welcome the chairman of the xi's promotion, be in harmony are an organic whole, all the people really want to hug me."
Trivia > "chongqing residents enthusiasm friendly"
Li said, during filming, most impressed the entire team, is the mountain city the enthusiasm of the people, "chongqing citizens when we were taken to the beauty, the thumbs-up for us, some repeatedly said, must look good point!"
Chongqing citizen not only passion, but also very friendly. "Like we are going to shoot square dance aunt, aunt will dedicated to jump a for us, is good." Li said.
Dialogue >
Contemporary female artists:
To share this film with everyone
The documentary not only shocked americans, also shocked the Chinese in the United States, especially in chongqing. Reporter contacted the grew up in pearls, today's contemporary painters, American women artists association, vice President of Oregon branch, Ye Li, chairman of the American branch of the international council of women artists. After Ye Li, said on television documentary, her excitement didn't sleep a few hours.
Reporter: see home on TV, what feelings?
Ye Li: do not think americans would be so understanding of chongqing. In addition to the mentioned the status of the war of resistance against Japan from the political Angle, the film also described from the perspective of folk, including mentioned the beauty of chongqing hot pot, I was very surprised. All of these prove that ABC make this film is really out of the kung fu, learn a lot of chongqing's cultural characteristics.
Reporter: will recommend this movie to your friends?
Ye Li: must be! I would be happy to also very proud to share this video with the people around, including WeChat, twitter and facebook. I will put the video on the female artist association, international women artists above, the council's website, let everyone know how beautiful my hometown is beautiful!