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Let the mountains children via the Internet to see the world "children in the mountain areas to donate my computer" event was held in chongqing

Date: 2015-10-01

New chongqing net on September 8, 8 (Zheng Jiezhuo), the second chongqing "children in the mountain areas to donate my computer" activity in yue Lai pillars of tujia autonomous county primary school started, donated by chongqing city charity federation, over 150 PCS, will make more and more ShanLiWa and nestled in the city, enjoy the high quality of information technology teaching, and through the network to understand the outside world.
In today's network has entered innumberable families, because of the difference of regional and urban and rural areas, the level of public education resources allocation still exist a certain differences, many mountainous area school remains to be improved in terms of audio-visual classroom and other hardware facilities. Chongqing some outlying district economy is relatively backward, managerial condition is limited, chongqing municipal party committee propaganda department, enterprise letter do understand the cause of education in rural and city charity federation difficulties, actively support education career, "" children in the mountain areas to donate my computer activities.
"Children in the mountain areas to donate my computer" supported by the social people from all walks of life, are donated to buy a new computer or to donate old computers. The 150 PCS by chongqing electric power company donated 495000 yuan to buy, for given to qianjiang, where, in kaixian county, wushan, WuXi, peng and pillars of seven mountainous area school district, in order to help the poor action to promote education fair, efforts to narrow differences between urban and rural hardware, mountain take concrete actions to let the children feel and experience the rich Internet information resources.