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Chongqing professional painter works assembled for the first time Will push public art interactive normalized

Date: 2015-10-20

New chongqing network October 15 (clock Yi) chongqing academies artist, yesterday at the exhibition in the gallery, which is invested by chongqing local professional painter team collective appearance for the first time the 117 pieces of works, for people to visit.
Chongqing art academies founded in 2006, its predecessor was founded in 1981, chongqing national academies. The establishment of the academies, the chongqing team composed of a single traditional Chinese painting, the original painting to the traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, and theoretical research, more pictures, multidisciplinary transformation.
"The exhibition can clearly understand the current situation of chongqing painting creation team and academic direction." Honorary President of the chongqing art academies Zhou Shunkai thinks, to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, and the pursuit of artistic diversity, chongqing local artists through the creation idea, form, to further prosperity of chongqing arts creation made due role. Citizen participation can make chongqing painting better known.
"Art of chongqing in the southwest have post effect, it is a pity that a long time, chongqing residents of local art level in a state of don't understand." Chongqing art academies dean PangMaoKun admitted as chongqing painting creation highland, will face the public exhibition professional painter works assembled for the first time, not only can let the people close to the artist, know what the artists are thinking, arrived at what level, compared with the national art form a clear, also can let people more artistic edification, rich amateur cultural life.
The exhibition scene, reporter saw thousands of people travel exhibition hall, lifting the photography equipment and the right from time to time painting. From county to drive the exhibition of junior middle school art teacher d sister keep shooting with the local details of each painting, sister said, the opportunity to contact art exhibition in normal life is less, learn by painting the artist's painting techniques to the routine of their creation is very helpful.
PangMaoKun, according to the exhibition as the starting point, the future local artists will meet with more citizens, maintain the normalized between citizens and art exchanges, promote art market is active.