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Chongqing wetland protection and restoration of investigation: hold on wetland ecological red lines

Date: 2015-10-20

Slope clouds of han feng lake, lake in kaixian county, south to meet longhu, zhongxian huang hua island, the nanchuan Li Xiang lake... Now, these places as tourist attractions, known by more and more people. Many people don't know, however, they have a common name - the wetland.
In 2013, the zhuhai drew 3.1 million acres of wetlands ecological line, wetland protection and restoration, become a key job of each district and county. A few years in the past, the current situation of the city wetland, the red whether to implement, its protection and restoration is there any progress? The reporter was investigated.
"Mapping", zhuhai will ecological wetland area of the red line drawn, all elaboration on the specific plot, ensures that the wetland protection according to the can depend on
Wetland is an important part of the ecological environment, earth is known as the "kidney of the earth. In 2013, the city in the construction of ecological civilization in the whole city forestry planning outline, delimit the wetland ecological line, for the first time explicitly put forward, by 2020, the city wetland area of not less than 3.1 million acres.
It's easy to draw the red line, but hard to keep the red line. This for the government and the society as a whole, is a problem of test development vision and wisdom.
"Chongqing choice is to spare no effort to strengthen the protection and restoration of wetland." Wu Ya, director of the municipal forestry bureau, said the protection of the wetland, is the first task of our city keep wetland red line. In this process, the zhuhai do first thing in the "world map", namely in the proposed "the wetland protection and utilization planning in the city," the ecological wetland area of the red line drawn, all refined to the specific plot, around make it a comprehensive consideration of wetland protection and economic development in a scale, do according to the wetland protection.
At the same time, the city is preferred to focus on the wetland protection, accelerate the construction of wetland park and the wetland nature reserve, built 12 wetland nature reserve and more than 22 city wetland park (national wetland park 18), contains 431000 acres of wetlands, make the city wetland protection quickly climbed to 13.9%. These reserves and parks, based on the key and core area wetland formed the effective protection, to avoid the deterioration of the wetland ecological environment.
On October 17 afternoon, the reporter walked into the bishan lake national wetland park, green trees are reflected in the clear water of the lake, JianShuiTan grass swaying, attracts many tourists to come and visit. It is hard to imagine the bishan new town of the old city and the green, once garbage piles, fester, the rapid expansion of cities caused huge threat to the wetland.
In 2009, zhuhai launched a beautiful lake national wetland park construction, by drawing ecological conservation area, the lake weeks residents relocation, rain sewage pipe network transformation, the closure of key industrial pollution sources, to ban the breeding pollution, increase the lake "cleansing" work, built around the multi-function ecological buffer, gradually make beautiful lake wetland park bishan an "ecological" pearl of the city centre.
"In the future, our city will also further strengthen wetland protection, strive for the wetland protection ordinance was introduced, and next year for wetland protection laws, and during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in eight new wetland park, let more effectively protect wetlands." Wu Ya said.
Vigorously implement the wetland restoration project, the city 5 years restoring wetland area of 52500 mu, greatly improved the local ecological environment
Wetland is a complex ecosystem, damage easily, repair is very difficult. In recent years, our city in the increase of wetland protection at the same time, strengthen the investment in wetland restoration.
"Today, in kaixian county peng river wetland nature reserves, compared with the past, have been different." Xia Yiping, director of the center for the city wetland is introduced, in recent years, the our city to enhance investment in the wetland restoration, in kaixian county peng river wetland nature reserve as an example, the city spent 20 million yuan, over to the comprehensive protection and restoration, and explores the down with wetland level 4 governance mode.
Down with wetland four levels of governance, namely, in the first stage of the three gorges reservoir area 175 meters above the water level, the implementation of birds, shelter forest project through reforming inefficient Lin, introduced to birds nesting tree species, the implementation of comprehensive cultivating, achieve the goal of conserving soil and water, clean water, shelter birds, at present, has 4950 mu of implementation. In 2 175 meters to 165 meters area the project of swamp plant submergence resistance strong taxus, water birch, bamboo, willow, swamp, etc more than ten kinds of trees, solid performance function of bank, purify water, optimizing landscape, at present, the swamp project has been completed 1350 mu. In the third level 165 meters to 150 meters area written project implementation, dig ponds pile base, with winter precipitation water sediment as a nutrient, in close to nature management mode, planting lotus, aquatic canna, water chestnut and other aquatic plants, realize ecological, economic, social, and landscape benefit of organic integration. In 4, 150 meters the following, the implementation of the natural plant ecological conservation project, to close to nature management on vegetation in the region, it is forbidden to human disturbance, the use of primary succession of wetland function, to maintain the biodiversity of the wetland, at present, the project has been the implementation of 8235 mu.
Fundamental improvements after repair, peng river wetland environment, effectively improve the local bird populations and species number. Within the wetland plants increased from the original 548 to now 608 species; Animal species increased from the original 207 to the present 227 species; Egrets populations than doubled in 2011, more than 2000. Also found in chongqing no observation records before the blue bosom crake, red chest frog, and a giant panda "birds," said the Chinese merganser and so on.
This is only part of the city wetland restoration. The past five years, zhuhai has accumulated capital into the project of forestry of about 110 million yuan, other capital of RMB 200 million, successively in qianjiang xiaonanhai, kaixian county peng springs, such as 11 restore construction piece of wetland in the wetland protection, restoring the wetland protection area of 52500 mu.
According to introducing, the city will also be in accordance with the principle of "dynamic balance, overall increase", further strengthening of wetland restoration, through the construction of protected areas, farmland is still wet, wetland ecological compensation measures, such as strive to be "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, restoration and management of 100000 mu